Are you often so busy taking care of other people's needs that you don't even include yourself on your list of daily priorities?

  • How realistic are the expectations you have of yourself?
  • Are they at the expense of your own needs?
  • Do you wonder why you treat others better than you treat yourself?

If you identify with these questions, I'm guessing your energy level is running on empty most of the time. How can you ensure your own self care when you carry the burden of being the perfect mom, wife, daughter, friend and colleague?

You're not alone—over 70% of mothers work outside the home. Whether you currently do or not, if you're like most busy moms, you put yourself and your own needs dead last.

How are you going to become a higher priority in your own life? Short of eliminating some of those responsibilities, which we know isn't practical, how do we manage our busy schedules better so that everyone is happy?

Switch gears for a second, and think about the airline safety presentation given before takeoff. You are instructed to put your oxygen mask on first—so that you will be able to then help anyone else needing assistance.

Rationally, it makes sense to put your mask on first. Yet you don’t practice that in your day-to-day life. Deep down, you ought to realize that you are not very effective at helping anyone if you are incapacitated and continually operating from a state of stress .

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn to get your much needed “oxygen” and THEN take care of everyone else—and to do it holistically -- with ease and grace.

And you'll need an objective guide to help you clear away the things that don't serve you so that you can:

  • Learn to focus on taking good care of yourself-- without sacrificing others
  • Make room to receive the other things that you want in your life
  • Trust your own intuition to make the right choices
  • Face things that come up from a calm, cool, connected place
  • Have more time to spend doing what you love and find personally fulfilling
  • Have lots of energy, feel healthy and vibrant

Just by you experiencing this energy cleansing, you, your partner, your kids -- even your career and the atmosphere in your home will begin to shift toward that magical sweet-spot of balance and connection.

You want to return to that wonderful "unburdened by your life" feeling you had before you took on all the responsibilities that come with being an adult, a wife and a mother. That state of freedom, where you are not constantly trying to conquer your to-do list, doesn’t completely disappear forever as you grow and develop into the magnificent woman you always dreamed you would be. It just gets hidden. It gets buried under new responsibilities and daily routine. And it begins to chip away at your body's resources for energy. So many people depend on you now that you find yourself more focused on the external needs of your family and career with each passing day. Who can blame you for wanting the best for your children, more time at home connecting with people you love, a great relationship with your spouse or partner, and a life with a little more breathing room? Perhaps a little time for yourself mixed in...

You’re probably asking yourself how is it possible to create time for myself without sacrificing the needs of my loved ones? Every day, I help busy moms like you learn how to take care of yourselves first, so that you can regain the vibrant health you need to create a healthy lifestyle where you feel calm, balanced and connected to yourself, your loved ones, and your life.

Balance doesn’t come from a self-help book or a pill. Balance comes from feeling connected to love and being grounded by your energies within.
"At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want . "
~ Lao Tzu ~
Your energy channels affect your very core. And when those are blocked, everything cascades back to stress. When your energy channels are blocked, you go through your day grumpy, and frustrated, you feel like nothing is working, and you tend to get into arguments. Nobody can do anything right including yourself. You’re annoyed and irritated by every little thing, have a short temper and you’re looking for problems --and guess what? You find them!
It’s not enough to know that your energy is blocked. You need an easy and surefire way to bring it back to equilibrium, so you feel like everything is working again.
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" Conscious Choices Coaching was born once I found the peace and connection within myself that allowed me to teach other women to perform at a higher level as a mom, wife and women of the universe. "
~ Jenny Rawlings ~
Not sure where to start?
Try "21 Days to Energy" our amazing 'done-for-you' easy to follow program of cleansing, guided meditation, group interaction and support that you will love! It's the first step to a new and vibrant you!
When that positive energy is flowing freely, you feel light, free, open and happy -- and everything anybody says is great. You don’t look for problems; you just see all the wonderful things in your life. You have a great day at work and you have nice, sweet moments with your children and partner -- no matter what curve ball life throws at you!

Are you ready to quit creating energetic obstacles in your life?

I look at the whole person and the whole person's life from a systems perspective to help them create health and a joyful life. My Intuitive Energetic Analysis (Kinesiological Pendulum Testing or Dowsing) points out exactly what is not working energetically so that you can address it.

After working with me, you will find yourself making choices that truly support accomplishing your goals in many areas including exercise, self-care, stress, sleep, nutrition and diet, social relationships, support system from friends and family, intimate relationships, work/life balance, finances, career/profession/business and spiritual growth. My clients describe a much greater sense of ease and clarity after working with me – because they know they can trust their intuition to guide them to exactly what they need to do, what techniques they need to employ and what they need to eat to be at their best.

Allow me to help you to clear and recalibrate your energetic channels so you can more elegantly create the life you want, with time for yourself.

Energy cleansing is just one of the methods of clearing away the old and making room for the new. Here's what one client had to say about her experience:

Yes, I want to feel connected to my own intuition so I can make the best choices to support my health, career, family, relationships and raise my energetic vibration.

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